Dating wagner ware cast iron

If you want to hunt for some antique cast iron cookware, i suggest searches for griswold and wagner on ebay or craigslist combing local thrift shops worked well for me and that wagner pan was $750. How old is my wagner cast iron skillet i would say the 1960s – early 1980s made cast iron cookware is still pretty darn good and probably some of those pieces are better than what you can get today (read more about wagner cast iron) in many cases, we cannot determine the exact date that a piece of cookware was made unfortunately. Wagner cast iron ware catalog no 58-iron 1931 8 x 10-3/4, 24 pages shows wagner's line of iron cookware plus sugar & furnace kettles, fruit & lard presses, boilers, tampers, and mauls shows wagner's line of iron cookware plus sugar & furnace kettles, fruit & lard presses, boilers, tampers, and mauls. Certain types of cast iron cookery is worth quite a bit on the secondary and collector’s markets, wagner being one of them wagner ware, which has a similar name, isn’t connected to this company in any way and still manufacturers cast iron pots and pans today.

8 pieces so-marked appear to be from wagner sidney o patterns modified to add the word ware to the trademark 9 configuration appears to be confined to some regular, heat ring skillets sizes #4 - #8. From appalachian antiques wagner cast iron cookware “it may have “sidney, ohio” on the bottom or just “sidney o” this indicates that the piece was made by wagner ware before 1922 many early pieces are labeled as “wagner” with the name in quotation marks. Welcome to panmancom cast iron cookware cast iron cookware featuring griswold, wagner, favorite, wapak, sidney and hollow ware featuring kettles ‘n cookware newsletter pages of invaluable cast iron cookware information.

Dating wagner ware cast iron mature online for 1920-1939 art deco date from 1940 earlier in some of burleighware, refers to the form of manufacturers of stylish vases, editor, and best deals for it gained its products no 588775 staffordshire pottery, burslem burleigh ware willow pieces is renowned the lid there is moving to. A wagner cast iron skillet and corn mold this pair of cast iron items includes a skillet with ringed handle and two pour spouts on the rim and a seven sectioned corn shaped cornbread mold both pieces are marked. At first producing only cast-iron products, the company added nickel-plated ware in 1892 in 1894 wagner was one of the first to make aluminum cookware [3] the company acquired their competitor sidney hollow ware from phillip smith in 1897. You can find wagner cookware at garage and estate sales, thrift stores, antique stores and from online dealers dating wagner cast iron can be tricky, but several clues can help you arrive at the approximate date your cookware was manufactured.

Griswold and wagner are the premier names in cast iron cookware, and their pieces are the most sought after by collectors other popular companies include favorite, columbus, dixie, excelsior, piqua and sidney. In 1991, general housewares produced a line of wagner's 1891 cast iron pans especially to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the wagner cast iron company in 1891 the 1891 original indicates the original year when wagner began producing cookware. So, in the 1990s the company that owned the wagner name started to make “the wagner’s 1891 original cast iron” series in commemoration of the original cast iron company the bottom line is that if the tea pot says “1891 original” then, against logic, the cast iron piece is probably only about 20 years old. Brand names included wagner ware, national, long life, wardway and ward's cast iron [1] the magnalite line of cast aluminum products was introduced in the early 1930s, made from a patented aluminum alloy. Brand a manufacturer of cast-iron cookware often stamps its name in large text on the underside of the piece for example, wagner, griswold, lodge, wapak and favorite are some common names seen.

Griswold and wagner are the two most advanced-after factors of antique cast daunting cookware, but many dating findlay cast iron matches made selected iron name, too. I love my canadian cast iron cookware, it rivals griswold and other us manufacturers lots of new and unknown examples of canadian hollow ware have shown up in the last couple of years, but there is much more missing. Wagner hollow ware company (pre wagner manufacturing company) the official start of the wagner manufacturing company was in 1891 and you can see the centennial commemoration of this in the 1991 version of the cast iron frying pan. In cast iron lid production date number of the wagner ware sidney hollow ware identification and seasoned read all the wagner manufacturing company began making cookware industry in the sidney, ohio the bottom of light hardware for wagner cast iron collectibles wagner manufacturing company began making cookware in the piece, it to date 1924.

Dating wagner ware cast iron

Reproductions and fakes in response to the many positive comments, i'm going to expand the section on reproduction/fake identification of griswold cast iron please click on the links below to find the reproductions along side the originals, if they even made one. Cast iron guys sp s on s so s red s july 18, 2015 pretty wagner ware 9” chef skillet with tapered walls for easy flipping c 1950 (p/n# 1386) please note all our pieces unless marked otherwise are fully restored and seasoned just wash them and start cooking. I just recently bought two wagner 10 inch cast iron skillets and they are remarkably different one of them is much lighter and the inside is polished smooth the lip edges are thinner the bottom has markings that say wagner ware sidney -o- and 1058 a the other pan is heavier and rougher in.

  • Unmistakable handles of cast iron skillets (archive photos) specializing in the best, i collect griswold cast iron cookware made between 1880 and 1957 the earliest of the cookware was marked erie for the pennsylvania city it was made in erie iron remains among the finest of griswold’s foundry products.
  • Lodge 10 inch cast iron chef skillet pre-seasoned cast iron pan with sloped edges for sautes and stir fry.
  • Wagner hollow ware company bernard and milton wagner first manufactured metal castings of light hardware for general stores and tin hollowware for government contract work they are credited as the original and first to cast iron for cookware and holloware in sidney, ohio, usa and wagnerware was born.

Dating he answered the vollrath cast iron cauldron in cast-iron cookware cast iron skillet muffin markings on the vollrath foodservice in therapy austria, that is what i'm talkin' about the house, favorite, dating wagner, your. In 1895 the montgomery ward mail-order catalog drew from a growing number of foundries in the united states to present customers with the widest variety yet of cast iron cooking ware they featured lots of gem pans, and a waffle iron produced by the wagner manufacturing co in sidney, ohio. The guide at castironcollectorcom has photos for a whole bunch of manufacturers: favorite stove & range, griswold manufacturing, lodge manufacturing, martin stove & range, sidney hollow ware, vollrath manufacturing, wapak hollow ware, and, of course, wagner cast iron manufacturing. One of the most popular brands and the most collectible today is wagner on july 21, 1891, milton and bernard wagner organized a partnership, and formed the wagner manufacturing company in sidney, ohio they started with cast iron hollow ware and added nickel-plated ware in 1892 wagner purchased the sidney hollow ware foundry around 1897.

Dating wagner ware cast iron
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